Do Saint Hubert Religious Promotional Items Make Sense?

Parochial school teachers want to celebrate Easter with their classes but traditional Easter eggs hunts are difficult to have prior to the Easter school break. The time before Easter is Lent, a time of fasting and self-reflection; it is not a good practice to have a party during Holy Week. The week after Easter does St Hubert Medal for Sale not seem to work well because the children already have received Easter baskets full of candy and treats. The hunt for eggs on Easter Sunday is very exciting and having another one the following week during school hours tends to be anti-climactic for the children. A possible solution to this dilemma is to have a scavenger hunt using the story of Holy Week as clues and framing the game as a way to practice the Stations of the Cross.

The clues for the scavenger hunt can be simple riddles pertaining to Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday and Good Friday. These riddles are written on strips of paper and placed in plastic eggs. The eggs then are placed in areas around the school grounds which are marked with a picture portray the answer to the riddle. The riddles need to be answered in the order to proceed to the next picture to get the next egg. It is a good idea to get parent volunteers to assist by standing each station to make sure the children are answering the riddle correctly. The volunteers can help make sure the children walk instead of run to the next station. It is helpful to get the parish priest to assist in this endeavor by giving small prizes such as Rosary beads or religious Saint Hubert medals for completion of the activity. The presence of the priest also serves as a reminder for the children to remain calm during the game and the solemn nature of Holy Week. Another idea for prizes might be to have homework passes or vouchers for treats after the children return from Easter break. The voucher idea reinforces the idea of waiting which is part of the Lenten season.

Using a scavenger hunt based on the stories of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday are a great way to reinforce the lessons of these stories taught in the classroom. The children mimic the disciples searching for answers after the crucifixion and resurrection. This activity provides multisensory reinforcement of the lessons as well as a way to celebrate the Easter season with their community of school peers and teachers. Inviting the parents to participate in the activity further reinforces the concept of the community of the Church and serves as a reminder of the meaning behind the Easter season.